Trude Fleichmann photographs of Hanne Wasserman in the UBC Library Acquisition of the Hanne Wasserman Walker Archive

As illustrated in the superb photo book Trude Fleischmann The Self-Assured Eye [DER SELBSTBEWUSSTE BLICK] by Heike Herrberg, Wein/Vienna, Hanne Wassermann is depicted as an athletic beauty, almost an icon of body culture.

Two images of Hanne Wassermann

As stated in the UBC Library Press Release announcing the acquisition of the Hanne Wassermann Walker archive:

One of the highlights is the collection of documents and photographs tracing Wassermann Walker’s life-long friendship with Trude Fleischmann, ranked among the most significant portrait-photographers of the 20th century. Not unlike Wassermann herself, Fleischmann was forced to leave Vienna during the war, to relaunch her career on the North American continent. The archive contains hundreds of photographs taken by Fleischmann during the height of Wassermann Walker’s successful career in Vienna.

This is one of the items included in the archive that we sold.

Signed Trude Fleischmann photograph of Hanne Wassermann

Trude Fleischmann embossed photograph used for promotional purposes

It appears that Trude Fleischmann had mailed some photographs to Hanne Wassermann to Brioni, Trieste where Hanne Wassermann conducted summer classes.

As the Hanne Wasserman Walker Archive gets catalogued and researched, the close relationship between Fleischmann and Wassermann shall be revealed.

It has been our distinct honour to have been entrusted with handling, cataloguing, and offering the archive to Rare Books and Special Collections, UBC Library.

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