TWO CHINESE PAINTINGS BY LIM TSING-AI (林清霓).  Dated 1962.  Mounted in brocade, in frames.  26” x 12.5” (Each painting: 66cm x 32cm); 34” x 18” (frames: 86cm x 46cm). There are two seals of the painter on each painting, each dating from 1962 (10 years before the painter passed away).

Lim Tsing-ai (Lin Qingni, according to pinyin or Lin Ching Ni). (1914-1972). A top-notch Chinese painter, calligrapher and professor. He was good at painting when he was very young. He admired Huang Chun-pi (黄君璧), one of the best three Chinese painters in Taiwan (the other two being Daqian Zhang and Puru). He learned from him and also studied the masterpieces of the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. His paintings are characterized by strict rules and beautiful colors with no trace of kitsch.

Unexamined outside the frames.  Photos for reference only.  Photographs were taken at an angle to avoid reflection in the glass.

$6,000 U.S. for the pair.

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